Broadcasting Fortnite To An 80s Boombox TV Is Something Else

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Not content with creating unconventional gaming devices like a multi-platform boombox or a Wii U gaming coat, Youtuber My Mate Vince has a found a slightly more useful contraption: A way to pump an Xbox One X signal through the airwaves so TV antennas can pick it up.

Making such a weird thing possible requires a few converters and some technical know-how, but the result is really cool: Basically, Vince’s house was broadcasting a TV signal of Fortnite throughout a small area, which any device tuned into its signal could pick up.

Part of the contraption involves a signal booster, and Vince even warns those who might want to replicate the invention at home not to boost the signal too much, lest they accidentally create a pirate TV station.

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